Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to source, develop and market some of the most exciting real estate projects in all of the markets we specialise in.

We constantly seek new joint ventures, with a continuously rising number of investors. Our aim is to provide these investors with a platform, which allows them to invest into property and participate on the capital growth through development, without having to endure any of the problems involved in this lengthy process.

We further aim to establish long lasting relationships with each party involved in our work, including the investors, the builders, the architects, the banks and the agents. We believe that only a strong team can survive and thrive.

Furthermore, at GP Investments, we invest our own funds into each new project we undertake, together with our clients. This creates trust and guarantees aligned interests.

When developing, we seek to build in line with the highest energy efficiency standards and with the least carbon footprint on the surrounding environment.

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